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About Asarganj

Asarganj is a very popular suburban market and is located in the Munger district of Bihar. The district belongs to the Munger division. It is located almost 37 km away from the district headquarters which is located in Munger. Before India became independent, this place was known as the Court of the local tax collector who was headed by Krishna Nand Singh. There is a very famous Durga temple which is located near the Hat Bazar of Jalalabad. This temple was established by the very famous Raj Baneli.

About Asarganj

Geography of Asarganj

Asarganj is situated at 25.15 degrees North and 86.68 degrees East. The average elevation of Asarganj is around 44 M or 144 feet. Asarganj has a beautiful climate and this is why many tourists visit this place when they visit Bihar. The humidity of Asarganj is around 53%.

Demography of Asarganj

As per census of 2001 Asarganj has a population of around 5706 people. The males constitute almost 53 percent of the total population while the females are known to constitute around 47 percent of the entire population. The average literacy rate of the town of Asarganj is around 85%. Almost 14% of the entire population is under the age of 6 years.

Culture of Asarganj

Asarganj is known for its rich culture. TGhe region took a holy look during Srava?a (Sanskrit: ??????), (shraavan), (saavan) month of the Hindu calendar. The pilgrims take water from the holy Ganges and travel barefooted for almost 105 km and visit Deoghar for pouring this water on the Shiva Linga or Lord Shiva. During the months of Srava?a, the entire Asarganj keeps dazzling with happiness and lights. Many people visit the district of Asarganj during the months of the monsoons.

Economy of Asarganj

The economy of this region is supported by agriculture and allied activities. Asarganj is very popular for the rice quality that it produces. People are also engaged in small time business activities. The current generation in Asarganj is engaged in services sector and are employed in banks, railways etc. The villages that are located near Asarganj include Narayanpur, Darha, Dhuria, Kamargama, and Makva. In these places, the people are occupied with the woodwork. Asarganj is also very popular for the designing of the wood which is used for making sofas, chairs or any other equipment that are related to carpentry. The business of vegetables and clothes are also an important source of money for the people of Asarganj.

Transport in Asarganj

Asarganj is connected to the various districts in Bihar via roadways and railways. Purab Sarai railway station and the Munger railway station are two nearest railway station connecting Asarganj to other parts of Bihar. Bhagalpur railway station is the another major railway station which is located around 34 km away from Asarganj. The nearest Town located to Asarganj is Munger which is connected by the road. Private vehicles can also be hired for travelling to the different places in and around the district. Public buses and other vehicles are available for the people who commute daily. The Patna Airport is located around 188 km away from Asarganj. The Gaya Airport is around 203 km away from the district.

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